Back to School Anxiety


If you're like most teachers, you're feeling anxious about what back to school this fall looks like.

Anxious might be an understatement!

Today, I'm going to teach you two life coaching skills to manage this anxiety.

1. Allow the emotion of anxiety. 

Don't try to avoid it by over indulging in food, drink, online shopping, etc.

Don't try to resist it by pushing it down. 

Allow it! Sit down and focus on it.  What does it feel like...

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My Favorite Question

How is this happening FOR me?

This is my favorite question to ask myself! 

Because when we ask ourselves a question, our brains get to work on answering it.

And I want my brain seeking out answers that will serve me well, instead of take me down. 

For example, let's say your principal assigns you to 5th grade, when you want to stay in 3rd. 

If you ask yourself, "Why is this happening to me?" then your brain is going to come up with answers like these:  Because...he's...

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Summer Goals

You made it through the craziest school year!

Now it's time to take a breath and some well deserved down time.

Then, get ready to set a summer goal.  

Maybe lose 10 pounds, start an exercise program, create a side hustle, or learn to garden.

If you're like most of us, you've set a goal in the past and didn't see it through.

I have a guided, step by step, program to help you set and ACHIEVE your summer goal.

1. Write your goal and the time frame.  Be...

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Worry Less/Live More

Our brains are designed to worry. 

They think that worrying protects us and prepares us for something bad that might happen.

It often seems necessary and important.

But worrying keeps us out of the present moment. It keeps us locked in a cycle of feeling out of control.

Worrying about the unknown, whether it's the 2020-2021 school year, a potential rejection, or our kids' future, can drain our energy and sabotage our current happiness.

Three tips...

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Young People Marching

Yesterday, I witnessed 1,000 young people marching in a peaceful
anti-racism protest.  

They were chanting,
"No Justice, No Peace!"
"No Justice, No Peace!"

"Say Her Name!"
"Breonna Taylor!"
"Say Her Name!"
"Breonna Taylor!"

"Say His Name!"
"George Floyd!" 
"Say His Name!" 
"George Floyd!"

"Black Lives Matter!"
"Black Lives Matter!"

They were loud, steadfast, and strong. 

They walked with certainty, boldness, and intention.

I know, as a collective whole, we have a long way...

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And That's Okay...

I want to share one of my favorite tools with you.  I call it the "....and that's okay!" tool.

Just add these three words "....and that's okay!" to the end of sentences or thoughts you perceive as negative.

We have no idea what school is going to look like in the fall...and that's okay.

My students aren't following through with their work...and that's okay.

My students' parents aren't helping their kids enough...and that's okay.

My own kid is...

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Pick up the Mirror

Lately, in the midst of the pandemic chaos, I've noticed myself getting more annoyed than usual, more irritated by the people within the walls of my house.

So, I hid in my bedroom in the hopes of getting some space.  After a little self-reflection, I realized that I've been picking up the metaphorical magnifying glass too often. 

I'd pick it up and look closely at my husband and see how he wasn't communicating well.

I'd pick it up and look closely at my son and see how he wasn't doing...

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Teachers are Human

Sometimes being a human is hard. 

Like right now, being a teacher during the pandemic, is rough. 

But that's okay.  Life as a human is supposed to be that way.

Being human is supposed to be complicated sometimes.  

And I want to tell you, you're doing it just right.

Being a human means that life is sometimes amazing and sometimes unbearable. 

Being a human means that sometimes we feel happy and sometimes we feel devastated.

Being a human means that sometimes we feel...

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"Shoulding" Yourself

Are you "shoulding" yourself into overwhelm?

I should make dinner for the kids.
I should grade those papers.
I should clean out the car.
My house should be more organized.
I should call my parents.
I should be more loving to my spouse.
I should workout.
I should eat a healthy meal.

When I think about this list, I feel so much overwhelm and my real list is even longer.

But really, I don't have to do any of those things.  And telling myself that I should be doing all...

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