Teachers are Human

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2019

Sometimes being a human is hard. 

Like right now, being a teacher during the pandemic, is rough. 

But that's okay.  Life as a human is supposed to be that way.

Being human is supposed to be complicated sometimes.  

And I want to tell you, you're doing it just right.

Being a human means that life is sometimes amazing and sometimes unbearable. 

Being a human means that sometimes we feel happy and sometimes we feel devastated.

Being a human means that sometimes we feel connected to others and sometimes we feel lonely.

And at other times, it's anything and everything in between.

If you're thinking you "should" be feeling anything different than what you are, remember that being a human means you'll experience the full range of emotions. 

So, whatever you're feeling on this unusual Monday in May, I want you to remind you that you're human and...

You're doing it perfectly!


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