Back to School Anxiety

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2020

If you're like most teachers, you're feeling anxious about what back to school this fall looks like.

Anxious might be an understatement!

Today, I'm going to teach you two life coaching skills to manage this anxiety.

1. Allow the emotion of anxiety. 

Don't try to avoid it by over indulging in food, drink, online shopping, etc.

Don't try to resist it by pushing it down. 

Allow it! Sit down and focus on it.  What does it feel like in your body? 

Where do you feel it? Let yourself feel it. Talk to it.

"I feel you, anxiety.  I feel you as pressure in my chest, as a pit in my stomach."

"This is what anxiety feels like. I can feel anxiety.  It's okay to feel anxious."

"Anxiety is a human emotion. I can feel it. All is well. Feeling anxiety is part of my experience right now."

Do this over and over until you feel it lighten.

2. Understand that your thoughts are creating the anxiety.

We've been conditioned to believe that our feelings are caused by the things happening around us.

But actually, our feelings come from our thoughts.

You're feeling anxious because you're thinking thoughts like these:

This shouldn't be happening.
No one knows what to do.
This is such a mess.
I can't teach under these conditions.
I want things to be normal.

Try on some of these thoughts and see how you feel:

Everything happens as it should.
We'll take it one day at a time.
We are strong and capable.
I am a professional and can adapt.
I am going to show up as my best self, regardless.

This is a time of uncertainty, that's for sure.

But, you can learn to make it easier on yourself by learning to feel and trying on new thoughts.

You got this!


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