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Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

Our brains are designed to worry. 

They think that worrying protects us and prepares us for something bad that might happen.

It often seems necessary and important.

But worrying keeps us out of the present moment. It keeps us locked in a cycle of feeling out of control.

Worrying about the unknown, whether it's the 2020-2021 school year, a potential rejection, or our kids' future, can drain our energy and sabotage our current happiness.

Three tips for worrying less:

1.  Make peace with the worst that could happen. When we see our worries all the way through to the worst case scenario and we develop a trust in ourselves that we can handle anything, it allows us to make peace with the unknown. 

2.  Worry mindfully. When you notice yourself worrying, take a few minutes to focus on it. Allow it by breathing into it, welcoming it, and talking compassionately to it. Typically, our worries about one thing create an onset of anxiety about everything. Allowing yourself to process the worry can minimize it's effect on the rest of your life 

3. Adopt the belief that, "Everything happens as it should."  Worrying gives us the false belief that we can control the people and things outside of us, which has us fighting against reality.  Believing that everything happens as it should helps us release the grip we have on controlling the world and turns the focus inward to the only person we can control - ourselves.  

Want help with worrying less? 

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Worry Less/Live More!


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